Friday, November 29, 2013

Featured: Graf and Lantz Tote

My Graf & Lantz tote is a beautiful, smart looking workhorse. I’m really impressed with the way this embossed felt and leather bag has held up to the daily torture I put it through. It gets so heavy sometimes that my poor husband has to carry it for me! The colored versions in teal, fuchsia or flame are eye catching, sophisticated accents to the standard winter color pallet. Come brighten up your bag this holiday season.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Featured: Vintage Sari Scarves

 My husband and I have been to India 3 times and although there’s so much to experience, I am always drawn to the textiles there. When I found these vintage sari scarves and shawls, I snatched them up for Joovay. Each one-of-a-kind scarf has been pieced together in a very original way so that you actually get several effects. They’re fun to play with as neck pieces, or as accents to bring exotic colors to a plain outfit. Scarves are an essential accessory for the cold winter months, so stop by to get yours today!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Featured: Bedouin Chic Beaded Bags

We were in Egypt in the Spring and one of the highlights of our trip there was St Catherine, Sinai. St Catherine Monastery is the oldest continuously functioning Monastery in the world and Coptic monks keep the second most important collection of art icons in the museum there.  We stayed in a Bedouin camp and I met a lady who had a concession for the ladies of the Gibeleia Bedouin tribe who do really cool beaded bags and purses. I bought some for Joovay while there and they sold out immediately. One customer wore hers to the Opera at Lincoln Center and was asked by many admirers about her bag. I now have a new supply brought back from Sinai by Julie of Venus Adventures, a Swiss travel agency who puts adventure trips together just for women. Now there’s an idea!!! I did not see these beaded bags anywhere else in Egypt. They are special!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Featured: Silk Road Bazaar Silk & Wool Scarves

Silk Road Bazaar silk and wool scarves from Kyrgyzstan, an underdeveloped and remote country in Central Asia. I was charmed by the beauty of the richly colored silk scarves imbedded with wool felt. The felt motifs are inspired by the petroglyphs from the many prehistoric cave paintings found in the country. Felting has a long tradition here and these artists, who are located far from the capitals, continue to do their work in the age-old tradition of Central Asia. These scarves are definitely unique and are a must have accessory for the season.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Featured: Philippa Kunisch Jewelry

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London based Philippa Kunisch is a favorite jeweler of mine.  I do classical goldsmithing as a hobby so I understand craft, construction and design in jewelry. Her work has a freshness that draws its inspiration from art and historical references. I am especially taken with her sense of color, an example being the variation of the crystals in her bling earrings. Big sparkle, the best quality Swarovski crystals and slightly offbeat color combinations give them a magical effect when worn. The elegant design and beautiful color makes these pieces perfect for the upcoming holiday season!